Meet the Team

Meet the people behind the developements and great achievements of the Cryptacks platform

Oliver Harrison

Founder & Co CEO
Oliver was a cloud engineer at Google, which he left to found Cryptacks and made cryptacks one of the world's biggest crypto-investment companies.

Michael Johnson

Co founder & CEO
Michael Johnson, one of the founders of cryptacks, he was a blockchain developer who helped in so many projects such as the Ethereum network as well as Solana.

Isabella Rossi

Isabella Rossi is a founder of Cryptacks which later became the CFO. Overseeing the preparation of financial reports, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

Gabrielle Kiminski

Gabrielle is both the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Officer. She develops and executes the company's strategic initiatives,As well as, manages the company's information technology systems, infrastructure, and security.

The story about how Cryptacks was founded.

We know the future of finance is cryptocurrency, which makes our company a good choice if you want to earn money easy and if u want to invest in crypto, then we are a good option. Our platform is a welcomed opportunity to invest in. Those who do not want to risk their invested funds in banks, stock exchanges and other speculative financial instruments, can rely on our company which has at its disposal a modern financial market system.

After Oliver Harrison left Google, he convinced Micheal on a brilliant idea which is known as Cryptacks today. Oliver and Michael set out to create a platform that would provide secure and intelligent investment solutions in the volatile crypto market. Cryptacks became the culmination of Oliver's proficiency in cloud architecture and Michael's mastery of blockchain development

In 2014, Cryptack Investment became a legally licensed investment company in the United Kingdom with headquarters located in London. Built with a large team including a majority of strength to Artificial Intelligence(AI), qualified financial experts, professional bankers and traders specialized in multiple financial instruments including foreign exchange and crypto currencies trading. Cryptacks is now one of the top crypto investment platform for users to make money using the power of volatility and blockchain.

Cryptacks Investments is also fully legit and officially registered company whose activities are regulated by the financial control authorities under the jurisdiction of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).